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HOA Meeting

The meeting will take place at 7PM in the Powder Springs' Court Chambers.

Warren Creek Scam

Please read the following scam alert sent in by one of our friendly homeowners: "I wanted to get the word out that there is a scam going on in our neighborhood that neighbors need to watch out for. We had a young man come to the door last night under the auspice that he was a student at Kennesaw State University and was raising money for a trip that the band was going to take to London. He looked very reputable and had a believable story that he lived down the street (he even gave the address and a description of his “mother” that he lived with) but since we don’t know all of our neighbors, we couldn’t refute it. He then gave us the pitch and showed us cookbooks and magazine subscriptions he was trying to sell to raise the money. We gave him a check (written out to “The Experience, LLC”) for a small donation since the cookbooks were over $60. However, I had heard of a similar scam from a co-worked who lived downtown so I called KSU this morning and spoke to their Music Department executive assistant who advised me that she was unaware of anything like this happening at KSU. Please spread the word."

Dues Reminder

The 2009 dues in the amount of $500 is were due by April 1. All late accounts will receive late fees at 18% per year.